Sunday, August 3, 2008

Corporate prayer night !!!

Thank God for an awesome night of prayer as some 20+ GEPCians gathered in the name of the Lord to pray and intercede for the people and nations. It was a different one compared to the prayer meeting we usually have on Sunday morning as people were praying out aloud, crying out the name of Jesus, speaking in tongues and going on their knees simultaneously. It really had an impact on me and I believe in others too as the presence of God were so strongly in our midst that I couldn't keep my hands from trembling.
We started off with the song "Lord I give you my heart" and we went on to confess our sins, praying for our loved ones, for our course mates, our colleagues, the area of Cheras, our hometowns and the nations. We followed those with prayers for our upcoming GEPC church camp and that God will bring up a generation of disciples, evangelists, teachers, pastors and people who are willing to sacrifice to bring the gospel to every single soul on this earth.
We are well reminded by the power of prayer that it really moves mountains and the more people we have in doing this, the more powerful it will be !

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