Saturday, August 9, 2008

~ The Lounge Worship ~

What's the core element in a worship ? The music ? Worship leader ? Musical instruments ? Sound effects ? The song ? The people ? I guess you have the answer in your mind, yep, that's God. As the main purpose of why we're having all the people on stage and the congregation, He should be the one we're focusing on. Regardless of how the worship leader may lead, how the musical instruments may sound, how people may look at us, we are at complete liberty to do whatever we want with our God. It's the matter between you and your God. So, feel free to jump, shout, cheer, bow down, go flat, cry, by all means that you're comfortable with. That was the message brought by Ps. Eric before we had an awesome night of encounter with Jesus.

We started off with 'Blessed be the name', 'Everyday', 'My saviour lives' and 'God of ages' led by Joseph Woo, followed by Ps. Rueben with 'Lord I give you my heart', 'Treasure', 'At the cross', 'Here in my life' and 'Draw me close' as the closing song by Jacob Liaw. We thank God for His wonderful presence in our midst and we prayed for His blessings on all the people for their commitment to gather on this blessed night despite the dazzling extravaganza happening from thousand of miles in Beijing.

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