Monday, July 28, 2008


Wutz up wutz up everybody...Christina is in d houze...this blog has been very very quiet for quite some time ady....*drop the needle oso boleh dengar* haha, so itz time to bring some noise back to this blog!! Sorry for the delay in updating the Friendship Connection Event, can see Esther sudah tak sabar sabar nak letz get started....

First n foremost we would like to thank n truly praise GOD for bringing new people into our midst. Days before the event, many of us are kinda worried whether will any fella would turn up a not, but Hey, prayers do get answered. We got about 18-20 new frenz in our midst! YEEPEE!!! GOD is AWESOME man..

We started the game at about 8.30am (very early rite), so many turned up with the half asleep and confused look on their faces as though they could not believe they are awake at 8am......Haha...."still in DREAMLAND lah tu"

Perempuan cantikz in charge of registration

The icebreaker was a good start where everyone starts to awake from their dreamland and get to know one another...We have the cat and mouse game which i would personally called it a heart attack game especially if u r the mouse being chased by the cat * I guess thatz how Jerry felt when each time Tom chases after it". You can see the anxious n panicked look on their faces when it was their turn to be the mouse....

Getting to know who is who....

Cat n Mouse Chase

After the warm up, itz time for the REAL GAME...everyone is divided into 5 groups to compete with one another for the AMAZING prizes as mentioned earlier in the previous post..


Captain Ball is a high energetic game. After 10 minutes you can see the guys panting and trying to catch their breath. Itz a real good exercise and really requires good team work n strategy to win the game.Though there were some slips and falls, nevertheless they managed to get up and continue playing...This game lasted for more than an hour and after this game everyone was restless ady. Some complained tired, this pain, that pain n itz just the FIRST GAME nia!!!! Pengsanz...Haha...must be so long since their muscles ever moved!!

The so called "machoness" of Jen fast tired ady

No matter how tired, she can still strike the American Next Top Model pose..*clap hand*



Each group are given a specific colour, let say green and they have to find 15 aphabets on 15 green cards hidden around the Angkasa Condo compound. The 15 aphabets is actually the name of the killer that they need to hunt down. They were given 30 minutes to find all the 15 alphabets and reaarange to guess the name of the killer. The fastest group to find all the cards and guess it correctly wins....

The scenes of manhunting:

Its real enjoying watching them sticking their heads thru small openings in order to find their cards. Some open the tong sampah to search for the clues, some inside the toilet, some went under the car, some among the leaves and some even enter the mamak stall to find the clues....

Everyone was busy searching, but he was curiing tulang....APA INI!!!!

The hunt is over...itz time to GUESS what is the KILLER'S NAME

Tony's stressful look trying to figure out the name.

The Green Team. We hid their cards among the trees and the leaves. There are hundreds of trees around the condo so they had a tough time looking for them........*sweatz*...hahhaa

Wilfred stressed out while figuring out the name

ALOYSIUS: The name is special, is not a common name we can always find....


Here r some of the names they can even think of!!!


FINALLY none of the group got the name right, only a few came close to the name...



SPecial rite the name...tak pernah dengar punye...Cassidy a.k.a CD is new in GEPC. He's an Iban n a GEPC is protected...wakakak!! :P

We have come to our final game which will decide who will be the ultimate winner. Whichever group is able to form themselves into a structure the fastest will be the winner. They are required to form human pyramids, letters, n etc


After shedding all the calories, itz time for adding them back so we head back to the church for makan and also the prize giving ceremony..

Busy eating.....

The lucky draws....


*drum rolls*

Wan Nah, Raj, Chie Chiek....*see the happy faces*


We truly had a great time...Everyone was truly blessed with the new frenz made, the companionship, the games, laughters and the prizes and I truly thank God for His wonderful grace n mercy upon us this day...Give a round of applause to GOD n to those who made this event a success..*tepukz tangan*...CHEERZ everybody n GOD BLESS!

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