Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cambodia mission trip - Behind the scenes

Some people U think U know them... U are so wrong.

U haven't seen everything yet...

They aren't like what they usually appear...

Before this mission trip begun, I've discovered things i never knew before...

I'm about to reveal the other sides of certain people...

To teach you...never judge a book by its cover.

Well, I thought YOU might be interested...

Are YOU sure YOU're ready for this?


Here we go.

P/S: The following statements are just based on merely observations. Not judgements.
I repeat. Not judgements.


It was a bright sun shining 26th April 08. The mission team woke up early in the morning to embark it's journey to a new world - Cambodia.

While waiting for taxi at the bus stop...

I've found out two camwhore queens in the team



10 smth am. While waiting for CK and Joanne in KL central.

Have you spot something that appeared in both pictures?

The mission team faced the first temptation.

* * * *

Rachel: (munching McD Frenchfries) Pastor Anba. Have you eaten breakfast?

Pastor Anba : No. I was in hurry just now.

Rachel: Like that ar. Come come i give you some fries to eat.

Pastor Anba: No no its okay. I'm not hungry.

Pastor Anba: ................

Pastor Anba: Okay....maybe just a little bit....

***10 minutes later***

* * * *

And then, Pastor Anba 'accidentally' lured Pastor Rueben into it.

Pastor Rueben: Hey, what you got there?

Pastor Anba: Oh erm....McValue meal breakfast....

***10 minutes later***

Pastor Rueben: Make sure nobody sees this. Especially Christina.

Unfortunately Sabrina was the first one to caught him.

Sabrina: PASTOR~!! I thought you wanna keep fit?? Do you know how much calories you're about to consume?????

Pastor Rueben: (Bising la betul) Cambodia don't have McD one you know. Somemore got promotion ar...Faster go get it!

So the cycle went on until everyone gets a packet of McValue meal...

But we just won't let him eat in peace. :P

Pastor Rueben: (Aiya....choose this time to take picture...i want to eat liaw...)

Pastor Rueben: Perfect. Now the coast is clear. FINALLY i can eat!

Now who would ever imagine this fella is a pastor?


In the team, there's this smart guy named Aloysius.

In Cambodia, Aloy means $$.

Indeed, he is very good in 'bargaining'.

Whenever he's around, we will never rugi.

Aloysius: Wrong liaw Pastor. You see hor...add another 50 coke add more oz! Like that baru got untung.

Pastor Rueben: ......(Berlagak ini aloy...) Oh is it?

Aloysius: Yeah la of course. See got BIG difference one ar.


There was also last minute studying.

Amanda: Christina me to revise my cambodian language...I'm so nervous i forgot everything liaw...

Christina: Oh okay....(Aiya...i want to buy Big Mac ler....hungry...) -_-'''

***30 minutes later***

Chum riapp sooer....Oor Kunn...Soum thoh.....Bann Hai.....

Sa art nah....Kenyom mokpi malaisi...

Neiksok sabai ciyehtei...

Kenyom sriek tuk...

***Another N/A minutes later***

Amanda: Soum ong kui...Cheriang cheemui kenyom.... Priay Yesu Kri....Kenyom Sraw larnge niek....(went on and on on...)

Christina: (-_-''' h..e..l..p.... Big mac wait for me ya...)

Then someone came to rescue.

Aloysius: I think she is 'shriek tuk' liaw.

('Shriek tuk' means thirsty)

It worked.

Amanda: Hehe. Now i will have absolutely no problems in communication with the cambodians~


We were still waiting for CK and Joanne.

So some people busy sms-ing.



Our plane.

So in conclusion, do not be fooled by certain people in GEPC by how they usually behave in church. They can be so cute and funny sometimes. Hehe.

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