Thursday, June 5, 2008

The story of a girl who once stumbled but was lifted again....

There was this beautiful garden.. filled abundantly with flowers of all kinds..the sweet and fresh aroma lingered all was a beautiful place indeed. A little girl was seen strolling along the garden with her Father hand in hand. She was a good child..just looking in amazement but did not dare touch even a petal without the father's consent. Her FATHER was delighted to see HIS daughter being so obedient that HE decided to pluck a rose for her to play. She was contented and happy..."Thank you daddy" the girl smiled. After strolling for sometime, she caught a glimpse of a little boy playing in the garden. She was excited and wanted to play along. Her FATHER allowed her to join him but warned them not to go far away from HIS sight. They had a wonderful time playing together in the garden...her FATHER enjoyed watching them running around and having a jolly good time. After a while the little girl's FATHER said that HE has to depart for a while but will be right back and HE reminded them of HIS commands. The two little ones continued playing...later the boy caught sight of a lovely butterfly not very far from where they were...he decided that they followed it...but the girl told the little boy that she promised her FATHER never to go anywhere else from where they were...The little boy convinced the girl that they won't go too far and that they will be back before her FATHER returns. She trusted him and agreed to follow on. They began running after the butterfly...not even stopping to catch their breath and before they know it they were far far away from their initial spot...The little boy assured her that they will find their way back but the more they ran the more they got lost..they did not give up and continued running..suddenly the little girl fell hard unto the ground and her knees were bleeding...she started crying in pain..her FATHER heard HIS daughter's voice and immediately came running towards her..The boy saw her FATHER and he was afraid that he may get scolded for his disobedience so he quickly ran off leaving the little girl behind all alone and badly injured. In the nick of time, her FATHER found her and quickly lifted her of the ground into HIS arms and wiped away her tears saying..."It's going to be alright my child, DADDY's here...she was comforted by HIS gentle voice and hugged HIM..the girl's FATHER attended to her wounds...made sure it was cleaned and dressed. The little girl said that the wounds were painful..her DADDY replied saying "Yes, i know it is painful but it will all be alright soon my dear trust me alright?"...the little girl nodded her head and apologized for her disobedience and repented...Her DADDY said.."As long as you hold my hand and never let go, I will never ever let you get hurt nor forsake you and that is a promise that will not be broken"...The little girl replied..."Thank you PAPA".....I lOVE YOU!!

This story tells us that our dearest FATHER in heaven has an ever forgiving heart because HIS love for us is everlasting. He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, never to change. Every tear we cry is collected in a bottle and recorded into HIS book. As long as we renew our trust and faith in HIM everyday, He will lead us and guide us to the very end. He is our LORD, JESUS CHRIST.

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