Monday, June 9, 2008

Jesus is LORD...

This life is minute you're breathing..the next second you're gone..its too short to waste..why not cherish the things around you now and start counting your blessings...but when you cherish something so much...before you know it suddenly slips out of your hand..and that's the end...then how can i possibly hold on to something and never let go??..that is not up to us to decide..God knows whether that something is for you or not...we just have to have faith..for He knows best..when you learn how to let go of something so precious to are exercising your trust that if its God's will that something will always be yours..if its not yours then He has something else even better..i know its happened to me..n I'm still learning to trust HIM in total obedience...God, you are in control..AMEN..

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Tor Hershman said...

Speakin' of AMEN, here's a great spoken-word and music video