Monday, May 18, 2009

Rev. Peter Chin will be undergoing a scan tomorrow mid-morning. The doctors will take away the ventilator that is helping him to breathe.

The doctors will perform Tracheotomy, a surgical procedure on the neck to open a direct airway through an incision in the trachea.

They will also insert a brain shunt for pastor. A shunt is a tube that is put in, starting inside one of your brain ventricles. The function is to drain away extra fluid in the brain.

Therefore, we covet all your prayers. Do pray that the procedures will go smoothly, pray against the enemy's plans and that pastor will recover his alertness and arise!

Prayer warriors, let's pray.


Dylsee said...

I am a pastor and a friend of Rev Peter Chin. His condition is to me of my deep concern and we as a family will offer our prayer to him and his family for God's grace and protection. I do learn a lesson from it, that is, full time church or para-church workers need to take time to rest and do exercise to keep us fit for the ministry. True, our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, as the Scripture says, but when God entrusts it to us, it is also our duty to maintain it for a long-term ministry to Him.

Tay said...

I am an old friend of Pastor Peter Chin. We are very conncern about his recovery progress. Thank you for the update from this website so that we could follow up on his condition.We will continue to pray for his recovery so that he could raise again and serve God .

Dan said...

Thanks for all the updates. Any latest news?

KonShyen said...

may god bless him~ best of regards!!