Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prophetic Messages by RLS Intercessors.

For year 2011

To the churches: HAVE REVERENCE for God. FEAR HIM. Do not treat His house like a market. Honour and worship Him. Repent and turn back to your FIRST LOVE.

Release of Demonic spirits: The enemy is pouring dark spirits of death, mammon, strife and sexual sins upon the earth. Year 2011 will see more death occur worldwide. Hunger will be no.2 reason, wiping another 1/6 of the world population.

Youth and children-the target of the enemy: Be aware of the media! Music videos that are satanic must be avoided because they contain symbols of the dark kingdom. They are empowered with MIND CONTROL spirits that will take over the mind so that you can no longer hear the Word of God nor make moral distinction between right and wrong! Take heed!

Let us pray against the powers of hypnosis or mind control through the modern influences such as the internet, television and modern technologies used by the enemy.

Abortion of babies: I saw rows and rows of baby cots in heaven. Babies kept coming in boxes! A spirit of murder has been poured out by the enemy, resulting in many abortions and killing of babies. It will double in 2011 and many youths will be used by the enemy to fall into this sin. As the babies cry, God's Hand slowly moves away from the earth. Abortion and baby-gendered killing will increase. God will strike many lands for this great sin. (more than 50 million babies will die this way)

Families under attack: Divorce rates around the world among Christians will escalate. Get serious, guard your homes and families from demonic influence through mass media and entertainment.

Many Christians not saved: I saw many Christians walking with chains tied to them. Chains of pride, arrogance, strife and the Lord says to them, "Go away, I do not know you, this celebration is not for you.' He closes the door to them. The people kept on knocking but the door remained closed. Then swarms of black locusts came upon them and they disappeared!

The Word of God is our sword. Many are without it and easily fall, defeated when attacked by the enemy. They retreat in fear and are easily destroyed by darkness. (Eph 6:10-18)

Choose your master! Do not please two masters. You will be destroyed in the end. (Luke 16:13)

Remember not to be lukewarm. (Rev 3:15-16) Do not delay, time is running out. The horn is ready to sound the start of war.

To be continued...