Thursday, April 8, 2010

CG02 - We are the Skytrekkers!

Afraid of HEIGHT ?!!~
NOT Anymore.
Because we CONQUERED the Skytrex Adventure Big Thrill~!!
A round of applause!~^_^

These are all our CHALLENGERS…

On 28 March 2010, we took off around 1:30pm after lunch at Old Town.

Reached around 3pm.
Then we took the shuttle bus to Big Thrill.

Here we are!!~


Get set!!~

Oppsss..NOT YET~
We still need to go for a tutorial and special training before the REAL one.

This is the pulley that sticks to the main rope when we slide horizontally.

Test run demonstrated by Jane~~hehe..
NOW...We are so READY to GO~~

Because… I can do..

All things..

through Christ, who..

strengthens me…wakakaka!!~

We are all winners of the day!~

Fastest Climber: Ivan Yong
Most Steady: Lee Yen & Jay Sean
Most Relax: Jin Xin & Joseph
Most Macho: Dick
Most Photogenic: Jane & Amanda Marie
Most Clumsy: Wilfred
Most Tired: ME!!! *Shiao Yong*


SkyTrex Adventure Shah Alam

A place to enjoy jungle trekking with a variety of obstacles suspended at 3 – 22 meters in the air.
Location: Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam

Tips: Simple warm up exercises will do, especially hands.


Thank you so much for those who help in organizing this outing.
Brother Joseph, our outing co-ordinator,
Pastor Jacob, Sister Melissa and Sister Lee Yen for the transportation.

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