Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Broken Heart Of Man

A broken heart, it would be a daring statement to say that everybody suffers from one. But it will be true. Some suffer more from this syndrome, some suffer less. In this context, a broken heart does not refer to merely a relationship between a man and woman. But the basic cause of this hurt in our hearts is SIN.

Let’s start the story from the beginning and what place better than to start at the place where the earth and the human race first exist, Genesis.

Man was made in the image of God; therefore we have intellect, emotions, a will and personality. That is why we are able to reason, to have feelings, to have our own quirks and fancies, to be able to develop relationships. Have you often heard there is no perfect relationship in the world? Well, there is one, the relationship that exists between the Trinity.

However we would not be able to understand it. Sin mars the picture. Adam and Eve had no sin when they were created. They were created for eternity. They were supposed to live forever. Sin. When did that happen to Adam and Eve?
Genesis 3:1, The Fall
 Shame came into their lives: they were conscious of being naked and sewed fig leaves to cover their bodies.
 Fear came into their lives: afraid of meeting with God, they shifted the blame between one another.
 Order of the family was put into place.
 Death came into their lives.
 The Earth was cursed.
 Rejection: Adam and Eve were rejected, banished by God from the Garden of Eden.

These wounds if not healed will affect one’s relationship with God and everyone else. If we cannot have a good, clear relationship with God, we cannot have a good one with other people.

Some causes of broken hearts
 Childhood Trauma
A child feels the emotions of the mother, even in the womb, for example the mother thought about aborting the child, affecting the child’s emotions.
 Dysfunctional Families
Divorce, Remarriage, Affairs
 Abuse of any form
Physical, verbal, psychological, sexual
 Rejection
Robs one of self-esteem, self worth
 Chronic/Acute Illness
Could result in inferiority, wants to be in control of everything.
 Physically/Mentally challenged
Affect one’s behaviour, being aggressive or withdrawn.
 Accidents/Traumas
Cause unresolved grief.
 Abortion
 Involvement with the occult
Tarot Cards, Horoscopes, Mediums, Spirits
 Unrepentant Lifestyle

If we choose to disobey God in a particular area, we are going to get hurt in this area. We cannot play with fire and expect not to get burnt, in the same manner; we cannot play with sin and hope not to get hurt.

Isaiah 61:1-3

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KOSHY said...

Well written, flowing style and an accurate summary of the message! Syabas to the person who wrote this article. Thanks.