Monday, September 29, 2008

Greetings from Cambodia ~ Rev Peter Chin

Almost finished with the first church, New Life Church. 12 salvations in the evangelistic service. It is 'ching ming' holiday in Cambodia, a lot of people went back to the province. Took the church these two days on basic Spiritual warfare and deliverance teaching. Many youth people were set free from bondages. Praise the Lord!

Sunday was the Worship Service, we spoke on healing and praying for people. Travelling early on Monday to Koh Kong, there could be a lot of traffic into the province bec of holiday. So pray for safety in travelling and of course strongholds in Koh Kong is also strong. Pray for God's strength and wisdom to equip the pastors and leaders.

GEPC prayer warriors...let's join our hearts to pray for a fruitful ministry in Cambodia.

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